Beaten prisoner takes legal action against state for keeping half of legal award


A Connecticut prisoner is battling the state in federal court after authorities were purchased to pay him $300,000 in a claim over a pounding he drew from another detainee, but provided him less than half the overall after deducting expenses of his imprisonment.

Rashad Williams, serving a 30-year sentence for tried murder and other criminal offenses, states authorities generally used a state law on recovering jail time expenses from prisoners to minimize the charge for breaching his civil liberties. His lawyer, J. Tyler Butts, stated the state’s move broke federal civil liberties law and blunted the law’s objective of hindering human rights abuses.

“The State has gone to substantial lengths to try to decrease its liability and to reject Mr. Williams complete payment for his damages,” Butts composed in a court file, implicating authorities of “a pattern of habits showing the State’s clear neglect” for Williams’ rights.